These user guides will provide you with the needed knowledge for our MC eViewer and eBooks. The user guides provided below are sorted into different topics and functions.
You can also click here (10 MB pdf) to download all the user guides in a consolidated volume.

Account Registration & Installation of MC eViewer App
You will need to register for an MC eViewer account and install the MC eViewer app to view your eBook.
eBook and MC eViewer Features Overview
Understand the basic features of the MC eViewer and eBook, finding out how teachers can customise lessons and students are empowered for self-directed learning.
The eBook may contain digital elements. You can also customise the eBooks by adding your own resources to make teaching and learning even more exciting and meaningful.
Add, Renew and Delete the eBook
Our eViewer allows users to add/renew an eBook with an activation code. You can also remove your eBook from a device that is no longer in use.
Backup & Restoration of eBooks
MC eViewer allows you to back up the changes you have made on your eBook and restore them to the same device or other devices.