What makes Marshall Cavendish Education stand out above all is our dedication towards raising the quality of learning and teaching in an integrated approach.

Our holistic educational solutions include:

  • Curriculum Content
  • Online Learning
  • Teacher Professional Development

Curriculum Content – Extensive & Exclusive

Our materials are based on extensive research and are carefully developed by our group of esteemed authors, subject experts and educational consultants.

We offer an extensive and exclusive range of products that cater to different age and language groups. These include a wide variety of core curriculum materials, supplementary and general materials for revision beyond the classroom, and a set of comprehensive teaching resources available to help teachers enhance their teaching skills.

The effectiveness of our materials has earned us a distinguished reputation as the leading and approved publisher in the education sector in Singapore and abroad.

Online Learning – Entertaining & Enjoyable

We equip schools with an online learning platform that facilitates effective teaching and learning through the use of rich multimedia that complements our textbook resources.

To meet the growing e-learning needs of schools, we continuously invest in technology to enhance our product offerings and develop pedagogically-sound, multimedia-rich content aligned to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Professional Development – Relevant & Responsive

At Marshall Cavendish Institute, we offer quality, structured professional development programmes that combine theory and hands-on practice. Our expert academic teams consistently engage in educational research to develop programmes for educators to enhance their teaching skills by improving classroom practices and knowledge in content and pedagogy.

Our Mathematics Academy provides teachers with a firm foundation in the fundamentals of the Mathematics instruction, to ensure successful implementation of the curriculum, while the Lesson Study Academy conducts programmes to train educators in the use of lesson study as an effective tool.