In today's digital age, mobile devices are fast becoming a necessity, not just to maintain social contact, but also to serve as a single platform for information sharing and storage. The digital trend, together with parents’ common concern that print books are heavy for their school-going children, has seen more people heading towards the direction of eBooks. With just one mobile device, students are able to download numerous licensed eBooks while simultaneously reducing the load in their school bags.

At Marshall Cavendish Education, we continually enhance our educational solutions to stay ahead of such trends so we can provide students with the latest and best educational resources for excellent learning. Our range of specially selected eBook titles enables students to access a wealth of information from just a single device! Say no to heavy bags and YES to an all-in-one solution that enables learning anytime, anywhere!

MC eBook with digital learning resources

Marshall Cavendish Education understands the need for an educational solution to be comprehensive yet dynamic. As a result, we have created materials that are based on a holistic approach that incorporates both quality curriculum content and innovative digital learning resources to provide students with seamless support throughout their learning journey.

Our MC eBooks encourage independent learning such that with or without the assistance of others, students will be able to diagnose their learning needs, formulate learning goals, identify resources for learning, choose and implement appropriate learning strategies as well as evaluate learning progress. Embedded with digital learning resources such as animations, videos, simulations, audio files, images, weblinks and quizzes, our MC eBooks engage students effectively through a variety of learning and assessment options.

Embedded with Digital Learning Resources

  • Animation, simulation, file, audio, image, video or web link
  • Tag to specific page for easy reference
  • Can be added by user or preloaded by publisher

These student-customised learning resources have been integrated into the MC eBooks so students have easy access to textbooks through one portable device across multiple platforms (Window/ Mac/ Android/ iPad). Every eBook enriches students’ learning experience and allow students to add in relevant resources to any selected page.

Our MC eBooks with digital learning resources are developed to:

  • Engage students through interactive learning resources
  • Promote both collaborative and self-directed learning
  • Allow students to assess their learning progress independently
  • Enable research and learning anytime, anywhere

It’s an All-In-One Solution, at the click of a button.

Check out our MC eBook with learning resources and see how it enhances learning for students!